Installation – Technical data

Imaginary Cemetery – Exhibition of 90 large size photo floor mats

Dimensions of the objects: 191cm x 135 cm plus two larger size formats

Material of the photo floor mats: LCL740 Arizona Océ carpet standard

Solid basic vinyl carpet fabrics with latex foam back

Slip-resistent and weatherproof

Thickness 2 mm

To be used indoors and outdoors

Outdoors: on lawns, the mats can be fixed with pegs. On solid grounds, (pavement, asphalt or alike) steel plates (20cm x 20cm x 5mm) will be fixed at each of the four corners in order to secure positional stability and lift stop.

Dead weight: photo floor mat including the steel plates fixed at the corners 12kg =0,12kN

PVC exhibition signs: rigid foam 4mm – at the head of the mats, the signs are fixed with double-sided tape.

Large-size boards: base with inserted plate width x height x depth 2000 x 1800 (600) x 800, material MDF exterior 19 mm, including lockable case for donations

Candles: LED-grave lanterns, optional: grave bougie (wax candle)