Heidrun Hannusch, writer

Born in 1954 in Bautzen, Saxony
Diploma in Cultural Studies

Worked as a dramatic advisor, later as a journalist
Published widely in different media, e.g .in the German weekly newspaper „Die Zeit“
Author of „Todesstrafe für die Selbstmörderin“ (2011)
Since 2010, she has been responsible for the awarding of the peace price „Dresden Price“

Heidrun Hannusch came up with the idea „Lampedusa 361“. She went on a months-long research tour all throughout Siciliy, visiting the refugee graves. She developed the concept, directed the project, and wrote 90 texts for the photo floor mats of the graves.

Carsten Sander, photographer

Born in 1965 in Neuss, North Rhine-Westfalia. He studied with diverse internationally active photographers, worked as a free-lancer for journals like „Stern” and established himself well within the art scene. He lives and works in Berlin and Düsseldorf.

He won acclaim especially for his extraordinary and technically brilliant portrait photography. Recently, he received attention for his project „1000 faces in Germany“,

Sander took photographs of twelve Sicilian cemeteries. It was his idea to print them on photo floor mats and to arrange them like an imaginary cemetery.

Oliver Killig, photographer

Born in 1978 in Dresden, Saxony

Since 1997, after his Abitur examination and civilian service, he had studied history and politics at the Technical University Dresden. Since 2001, he had worked as a free-lancing photographer for different daily newspapers, for the press agency DPA, for Bloomberg Photo News, and for SIPA Press.

Since 2007, he has been working mainly as PR photographer focusing on Editorial, Portrait, Corporate in Dresden, and since 2012 also in Stuttgart.

Oliver Killig took photographs of refugee graves in 16 Sicilian cemeteries.

Martina Hahn

She was born in 1964, learned calligraphy and graphics and exhibition design and studied at evening school classes at the College of Fine Arts in Dresden.

She contributed greatly to „Lampedusa 361”, designing the exhibition, coordinating the development, planning, and realization of the project. Martina Hahn has a fine sense for meticulous planning and brilliant design skills. She, thus, has become an inspiring partner for photographers, fine artists, writers and those who design space.

Special Thanks

We extend our gratitude to the actress Gabrielle Scharnitzy who as interpreter accompanied Carsten Sander to Sicily and who contributed three of her own photographs to the exhibit.

We also wish to extend our gratitude to the following people as representatives of many others who have contributed to the success of the art installation: Gerhart Baum, Steffen Becker, Dr. Markus Blocher, Manfred Graf, Julius Reiter, Lars Röher, Peter Ulm, Anselm Vogler, Manfred Wiemer